I am delighted to report on a transformational year for Avon Rubber where we have delivered against all three elements of our growth strategy.

The results reflect ongoing initiatives to grow our core revenue and selected product development to create a business that is more sustainable for the future with improving operating profits and cash flows.

Our strategy has been focused on enhancing the future visibility and sustainability of our growth through diversifying the revenue we generate from our product portfolio by delivering more products to our existing customers, as well as broadening our customer base. This has supported the growth in our order intake and revenue in 2019, as well leaving us well positioned for 2020 with a strong opening order book. The broader range of products and customers provides the Group with more flexibility to deliver consistent growth in revenue and operating profits going forward. This was evidenced by our performance in the second half of 2019, following the challenging market conditions experienced earlier in the year.

The strong balance sheet position and cash generation from the business has allowed us the scope and confidence to pursue both acquisition opportunities and invest in product development to support future growth. The acquisition of 3M’s ballistic protection business is a milestone moment for Avon Rubber which will significantly add to our personal protection portfolio and greatly accelerate our future growth prospects. We remain committed to research and development and investing in our product portfolio maintaining the competitive advantage for our existing range, as well as continuing to develop new products in partnership with our customers to meet their ongoing needs.

I am confident that our achievements this year have transformed the outlook for the business. We have a greater and wider range of opportunities for both Avon Protection and milkrite | InterPuls to continue delivering value for our customers, our people and our shareholders in the future.

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